Glyphs offers an innovative approach to Turn-Based Pen & Paper Role Playing Games. Players can implement its universal 'Toolbox Style' rule system to easily create any Campaign setting and content limited only by their imagination. More so, Glyphs implements a fresh new Role-Playing Engine known as 'The Token System' TM, which uses a Challenge Coin, special Grids and the Player's hand-eye coordination that make it an individualized experience.

Additionally, Glyphs implements a more real-time approach to randomized content, allowing for endless content permutations at the speed of thought!

Glyphs is a fun and flexible RPG that thinkers and creators can easily learn and teach. Customize, hack and skin your Realities and Characters to your liking. Glyphs is intentionally a bare-bones, Universal system and is not partial to any particular reality paradigm. Create your content from scratch, or emulate your favorite settings and content.

Use this system as a standalone RPG experience, or blend it with other rule systems for a more immersive approach to your favorite games. Glyphs offers something to everyone.
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